The Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda concept is:

A volunteers organization with 4x4 vehicles willing to provide humanitarian assistance and logistical support in cases of emergencies or disasters.

To whom Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda provides help and logistical support?
1. To the people who suffer the effects of disasters and who are in a situation of vulnerability or emergency.
2. To the institutions that participate in the attention of emergencies or disasters such as: Civil Defense, Red Cross, Firemen, Police, NGOs, etc.
3. To the authorities of the communities affected by the disasters: mayors, governors, presidents of peasant communities, etc.

Why Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda?
Because the help we provide is in 4x4 vehicles that are able to reach remote locations or difficult to access with other vehicles.

Where does Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda provide help?
In remote rural places or where access is difficult and where emergency services do not usually arrive due to distance or location, road conditions, etc.

What kind of help does Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda provide?
Transport in 4x4 vehicles of people: volunteers, authorities, aid brigades, injured people, lifeguards, etc.
Transportation in 4x4 vehicles of material goods: donations, medicines, food, equipment, tools, water, etc.
Rescue of vehicles trapped by floods, mudslides, etc.
Rescue of people affected by a disaster.
Logistical support with equipment, machines and tools: motor pumps, chainsaws, generator set, trailer, etc.
Emergency radio communications with VHF radio equipment for local communications and HF for long distance communications from remote locations.
First Response Radio for Disasters. Portable radio broadcast station deployed to areas affected by disasters to broadcast essential information to the affected community.
First aid, if necessary.
And everything that is within our reach and possibilities to do in favor of those who need help.

How many Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda Units are there?
At the moment only four: one in Lima, one in Arequipa, one in Ica and one in Trujillo, but it is our desire that the concept and initiative to be expanded and more Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda units be formed throughout the Peruvian territory, especially in areas where Natural disasters occur frequently or are known to occur and lack emergency response services.

Who can integrate Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda?
Any person of good will who wish to join the initiative.

Is it necessary to have a 4x4 to join the 4x4 Help Unit?
No. If you do not have a 4x4, your help is equally welcome and necessary. You can collaborate as co-pilot, navigator, assistant, radio-operator, promoter, coordinator, etc.

You are invited:

Mobile / Whatsapp: +51 990128105

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