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Chilca valley. Present situation report and Humanitarian Aid Operation Plan

Present situation report and Humanitarian Aid Operation Plan for the villages isolated by the rains and mudslides in the upper part of the valley.

Map of the Quebrada Chilca Humanitarian Aid Operations zone
White line: old road destroyed and partially dissapeared

Blue line: new road, single lane, bad condition
Blue X marks: river wading points
Inverted drop marks: towns in the valley
Red marks: isolated towns in the mountains


These are the angels contributing with
Chilca valley Humanitarian Aid Operations.
They are donors and/or volunteers 
members  of Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda
making this operation happen.

Araceli Benavides
Jessie Ward 
Noni Prado
Patty Roig
Coco Limo
Luz La Torre
Raul Castro
Andrew Marmanillo
Diego Padrón
Diego Weber
Marco Vizcarra
Carlos Rivera
Federico Limón
Augusto Pancorvo
FatherJulio Periche
Claudia Nassano
OLI Foundation
Aníbal Paredes - Peru Cycling
Barrett Communications -Australia
Fuerza Perú support group in Stuttgart, Germany
Germán Solis - Major of Santo Domingo de los Olleros

Update 1st May 2017

The 5th Humanitarian Aid MIssion of Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda was completed succesfully on May 1st 2017. The destination: OLLEROS. A little remote village of 70 families  located on the far mountain tops of Chilca valley. Six 4x4 vehicles of volunteers participated carrying humanitarian aid supplies to this village that was isolated for weeks due the destruction of the roads by the intense rains and mudslides happened between January and April this year. Endless gratitude to all the ones that made this mission possible: Donors: Fuerza Peru group of Peruvian residents in Sttutgart, Germany;  OLI Foundation; Meraki Peru; Barrett Communications; Jessie Ward, Noni Prado, Patty Roig and many anonymous donors.  Collaborators: Coco Limo, Valeria Verme. U4x4 volunteers: Augusto Pancorvo, Yann Boudran, Raul Pendavis, Federico Limon on five Land Rover Defender 110, Jose Romainville on Land Rover Series F and Raul Castro on Toyota Hi Lux; Luz La Torre and Aníbal Paredes


Update 27Apr 2017

Humanitarian Aid Mission to Olleros on May 1st 2017
To the moment 6 4x4 trucks are available:

Augusto Pancorvo -Land Rover Defender 110
Yann Baudran --Land Rover Defender 110
Federico Limon -Land Rover Defender 110
Raul Pendavis -Land Rover Defender 110
Jose Romaiville  -Land Rover Serie F
Raul Castro -Toyota Hi Lux

All ready to go.

More volunteers are welcome

Update 22Apr 2017

The mission was cancelled. No volunteers available this weekend.
Posponed for next weekend 1 May 2017

Update 15Apr 2017

The mission was cancelled. No volunteers available on the Easter holidays.
Posponed for next weekend 22 Apr 2017

Update 9Apr2017

Photos of the 4th humanitarian ais mission: CALAHUAYA - CHATACANCHA

Update 7Apr2017
Direct connection with the major of Santo Domingo de los Olleros, he informed the road to Olleros via Casa Rosada - Huallanchi has been re-opened on 6Apr2017. Now is possible to reach Olleros on 4x4 trucks.

Also information about the road Olleros - Punta Hermosa via Malanche ravine will be repaired by the end of next week.

The people of the affected towns not receiving humanitarian aid yet are:
Calahuaya. 60 families (70 children)

Chatacancha: 90 families (80 

Llaquimasca: 40 families  (20 

Chatacanchihuayqui: 60 families (20 children)

Olleros 70 families (40 children)

4th humanitarian aid mission
9th April 2017: Calahuaya y Chatacancha

5th humanitarian aid mission
15th April 2017: Olleros

6th humanitarian aid mission
22nd April 2017 Llaquimasca y Chatacanchihuayqui

Update 6Apr2017
4th humanitarian aid mission in Quebrada Chilca to bring aid supplies to Calahuaya and Chatacancha villages 
Sunday April 9th 2017
 Contact +51 990128105

Update 4Apr2017
We got connection with Mariatana's major who informed about the road leading to Calahuaya has been partially repaired and now is possible to reach the village on 4x4 trucks

Also we were informed about two more villages, belonging to the same jurisdiction, are isolated for 4 weeks as the others due the intense rains and mudslides destroyed the roads.

The villages are: Llaquimasca y Chatacanchihuayqui. 
See the map.

Access to these two villages is by the upper Mala valley, the road reaches Llaquimasca only.

The population afffected are:
Calahuaya. 60 families (70 children)
Chatacancha. 60 families (80 children)
Llaquimasca. 40 families (20 children)
Chatacanchihuayqui. 60 families (20 children)

Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda action about this matter is: planning and organization of humanitarian aid operations in favor of these villages

Dates for the next HAO

April 9th 2017: Calahuaya y Chatacancha

April 15th 2017: Llaquimasca y Chatacanchihuayqui

Update 2Apr2017
The 3rd Humanitarian Aid mission was successfully completed, aid supplies reached the villages in the upper Quebrada Chilca: Matará, Pulacama, Chichacara y Caputish. 

About 7 tons of aid supplies were transported on 4x4 trucks of volunteers.

32 4x4 trucks and two teams of emergency relief clowns participated in the operation.

Aid supples given to the villagers were: food, clothes, medicines, personal cleansing goods, utensils, toys and school supplies. Also entertainment and emotional aid was provided for the kids.

All participating volunteers gathered in Chilca main square. Two groups were asigned: one group to go to the upper Quebrada Chilca to Matará and other group to go to the mid part to reach Pulacama, Chichacara and Caputish villages, this group made effective the delivery of the iad supplies at Pulacama from where further distribution to the other villages will be made by the local authorities.

Matará mission
Once the group was gathered the volunteers asigned for Matará left Chilca main square at 9am approx.

On the dirt road climbing the mountains to Matará we found several difficulties to pass: road in very bad condition, several sections of mud, very steep climb and tight U turns, dense fog and drizzle and finally right before entering the village a swamp -water and deep mud where many trucks got stuck.

The delivery of aid supplies was made in order in the agencia municipal to the local authorities, afterwards they proceed to distribute the supplies to the villagers according with the list they have organized
The emergency relief clowns organized games and entertainment activities with the children. Toys and balls were given to the children.

Thanks forever to all volunteers -drivers, assistants and companions that provided service and support to make this operation happen as planned
Carlos Rivera
Javier Marchese
Diego Ramallo
Diana Lam
Germán Flores
Jorge Navas
Felipe Rey
Orlando Paredes
César Rivera
Manuel Llaguno
Mauricio Arauco
Diego Padrón
Sebastian Ibarguren
Marco Vizcarra
Diego Weber

Lots of thanks to all of them and to all anonymous donors and supporting people for this operation.
Photos of this mission 

Pulacama, Chichacara and Caputish mission.

The operations started in the very early morning hours, the volunteers went to Pucusana church to load the trucks with aid supplies and afterwards moved to Chilca to join the other volunteers asigned to attend the 
Pulacama, Chichacara and Caputish mission.

The group left Chilca with a local guide.

The dirt road was in very bad condition and was passed slowly until Pulacama village was reached.

The group of volunteers arrived Pulacama and delivered the aid supplies to the local authorities for further distribution to the villagers.  Upon arrival of the volunteers an official act was made: Peruvian flag hoist and national anthem
The emergency relief clowns organized games and entertainment activities with the children. Toys and balls were given to the children.

Thanks forever to all volunteers -drivers, assistants and companions that provided service and support to make this operation happen as planned
Augusto Pancorvo
Federico Limón
Seiho Isa
Daniel Sakihara
Hiroshi Higa
Walther Hon
Enrique Taira
Jalil Sotomayor
5 volunteers group from Pucusana ´3 volunteers group from Lima, their names are not available now.

Photos of this mission 

Lots of thanks to all of them and to all anonymous donors and supporting people for this operation.

Update 30Mar2017
The 3rd mission is in progress.
Donations has been received and are stored in 3 locations in La Molina, San Isidro and Pucusana.

Number of volunteers with 4x4 trucks available: 23

The trucks will be loaded with the donations on Saturday April 1st in order to be ready for early departure on sunday April 2nd

Meeting, time  and departure place:
Plaza de Armas of Chilca
Sunday April 2nd 2017

Due the number of trucks the towns to be assisted with aid supplies will be two: 
Matará located in the upper part of the valley -population 100 families 
and Pulacama located in the middle part of the valley -population 160 families including the neighboring Chichacara and Caputish villages.

Emotional support will be provided for the children of the villages to be assisted. Two teams of Emergency Clowns and toys for the children will go with us.

Update 27Mar2017

8 villages has been reported confirmed and identified isolated by the intense rains and mudslides

Huallanchi -has been assisted already, humanitarian aid was delivered on 25Mar2017

Towns pending for humanitarian aid delivery:Matará 

These towns will be reached as the roads get repaired. At this moment not even 4x4s can't pass.

3rd aid mission.

On sunday 2Apr2017 the 3rd humanitarian aid mission will be carried out. Destination is Matará.

The repair of the road to Matará has been completed on sunday 26Mar2017 with machinery from Olleros municipality which is the one this community belongs to.  Information confirmed by the local community major.

Now is possible to reach Matará with 4x4 vehicles.

The population of Matará is about 100 families (around 500 people)

Food supplies and personal higiene goods are needed.

In second place they need PVC pipes to repair the drinking water pipelines and irrigation pipelines destroyed by hte mudslides.  The quantity and type of pipes required will be known after the 3rd mission is completed and information collected from the field.

The pipeline matter will be attended in a future mission. 

Matará does not need water. The have water springs and dwells as water sources.

We are considering to bring toys for the children and emotional support experts to help the children recovery from the effects of post-traumatic shock after the disasters.

Weather info.

Intense rain has ceased in the zone. Light drizzle is possible in the afternoons, after 3pm in the highlands
Donations for Matará

The donations are being collected in houses of donors in San Isidro and La Molina, whom are greatly contributing to make possible this Humanitarian Aid Operation started by Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda.Donations loading
All the volunteers participating in the 3rd aid mission should load their vehicles one day prior to departure. The will be informed in details where and when to load the donations.
3rd aid mission date:Sunday 2nd April 2017

Duration of the trip: full day, round trip.

Distance from Chilca: 50km aprox. (100km round trip)

Departure time and place: 7:30am from Chilca Plaza de Armas

Return: 5pm approx.

Recommended to bring

Sun block cream
Drinking water
Food for the day: fresh fruits, sandwichs, dried fruits, granola, carckers, etc.

Vehicles in perfect working condition

Emergency equipment and accesories: spare wheel, jack, tools box, recovery slinges and shackles, first aid kit
Vehicle recovery equipment.
VHF radio


Aníbal Paredes +51 990128105

Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda 

Update 26Mar2017
9 Villages 
located in the upper part of quebrada Chilca has been identified and confirmed as isolated since the intense rains, mudslides and river floods began and destroyed the road to access from the coast

The twons are (see their location in the map below)


To present date, Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda has done two aid missions in the zone of Quebrada Chilca.

1st aid mission

22Mar2017.  Exploration and assessment mission of the real situation in quebrada Chilca.
The mission was completed successfully and the field info used for update this report in the corresponding items listed below, such as road condition, safety, GPS track, river wading points, etc.

PHOTOS of the mission completed on 22Mar2017

2nd aid mission

25Mar2017.  Transport of humanitarian aid and tents on 4x4 vehicles in favor of the Huallanchi community.

The mission was completed successfully.
The donations were collected by an group of ladies living in Lima.
The Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda volunteers transported the aid supplies in their trucks to Huallanchi.

8 volunteers formed the aid team

Diego Padrón.
Andrew Marmanillo
Raul Castro
Lino Cabrera
Noni Prado
Marco Vizcarra
Federico Limón
Aníbal Paredes

PHOTOS of the mission completed on 25Mar2017 

New updates listed below 23Mar2017

Following is the present confirmed situation in Chilca Valley after the heavy rains and mudslides affecting the zone.
UPDATE: 20Mar2017

The entrance to Chilca valley is located on Km 65th South Panamericana highway, south of Lima

Natural phenomena occurred:
Massive mudslides and river floods happened on 

Damages occurred.
Destruction of roads, houses, farm lands, irrigation channels and many other damages to public and private infraestructure.

As result of the roads destruction 5 remote villages are islated in the Andes mountains in the upper part of the valley. Humanitarian aid has not reached them yet. See the map below

The video above was made on the next day after the mudslide. We, went on 4x4 trucks to evaluate the situation, access to the valley is limited, the road is severely damaged.

Roads condition:
UPDATE: 23Mar2017
The road from Chilca to the upper part of the valley has been reopened on late Tuesday 21Mar2017, it was blocked since 4Feb2017

The condition of this road is VERY BAD.

At present it is a very rough single lane dirt road with lots of difficulties and irregularities on the very uneven surface making pass almost impossible for normal vehicles.

Only 4x4 vehicles with experienced drivers are safe to pass.

The road is interrupted by the river in 9 places where wading is obligatory. The new traced road -blue line and the river wading places -blue X marks, are marked in the map shown in this page

The wading level of difficulty varies depending on the depth on the river, nature of the river bed (sand, rocks) and flow intensity.

Traffic of trucks and small vehicles started on Wed 22Mar2017 afternoon.

Trucks loaded with farm products -fruits begun to travel along  the road from the villages up in the valley to Chilca and Lima. 

Along the road they form a long and very slow moving string of trucks that often get stuck due different reasons: a flat tire, bad road condition, mechanical failure and when wading the river they get stuck in the middle of the river.

The duration of the trip from Chilca to Piedra Grande or the way back is uncertain due the number of difficulties thay may happen along the way.

UPDATE: 20Mar2017
From Chilca up to Capto Km20 approx., the road is in bad condition, several sections are interrupted by the mudslides happened in the last days and currently.

From Capto onward the road has been repaired by machinery up to Cuculi Km40 and Piedra Grande Km60

From Piedra Grande Km60 onward the roads are destroyed. Villages; Matará, Calahuaya, Chatacancha, Olleros and Mariatana can not be reached, they are isolated.

This video shows part of the road condition in the lower sections of the Chilca valley.

Road safety
UPDATE: 20Mar2017
During daytime until 3pm is safe to pass by the area. Later from that time mudslides may happen in the afternoon, depending on the rain falling up in the highlands.

Air transport:
UPDATE: 23Mar2017
Helicoper flights carrying aid supplies were carried out on
Tuesday 21Mar2017
Wednesday 22Mar2017
The helicopter reached Piedra Grande.
People in critical health condition were evacuated out of the valley

UPDATE: 20Mar2017
Air trasnport has been provided to assist the area during the mudslides crisis. The service covered the mid ample zone of the valley where helicopters can land in Cuculi Km40, Casa Rosada Km50 and Piedra Grande Km60 has been assisted by air. Further up the valley, air help has not been possible due the terrain and strong wind conditions in the area.  The air help consisted in the evacuation by helicopter of people in critical condition. In the affected villages people remain isolated in their houses.

Towns on critical condition, isolated and not reached by humanitarian assistance
Update 20Mar2017

Matará 100 families
Olleros 40 families
Mariatana 50 families
Chatacancha 60 families
Calahuaya 80 families
Huallanchi 70 families
TOTAL 400 families(1800 people approx)

Transfer of huanitarian aid:
Update 20Mar2017
The humanitarian aid to be trasferred to the affected zone will reach by car up to Piedra Grande Km60 only . from there upward the valley, local people will carry the aid goods on mules or walking. No further vehicle access is possible, the roads are destroyed.

Organized by Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda
Update 20Mar2017
Due the situation described above an Humanitarian Aid Operation is proposed here for the indicated isolated villages.

The HAO consists in the following listed activities and will have following characteristics.

1. Donations collection in Lima.
2. Donations delivery to the affected zone
3. Medical aid for the affected people.
4. Operation's duration: 2 days. One day to go and one day to return. The two days operation proposal is because safety reasons, the time factor and level of difficulty to be found in the way.  If time passes and if it gets as late as 3pm and if Capto has not been reached yet; and before a mudslide happens we will have time to find a safe place to stay overnight, either in camp or in a local villager house.  In the worst case we could return to Chilca to spend the night and try to pass ealier the next day.

Logistics for the HAO

Due the size of the affected communities: 400 families (1800 people approx), enough donations will be needed for all of them.
Update 23Mar2017
To the moment 23Mar2017 17:00pm the amount of donations collected are enough to load just 6 4x4 trucks

Donations collected to the moment
30 family size tents
Plastic cover in big rolls -amount to be confirmed

2. Exploration and assesment of the road condition from Chilca to Capto.
Update 21Mar2017
CONFIRMED. Going 3 4x4 trucks + 1 Quad on Wednesday March 22nd.  Departure 6am

Video update 23Mar2017

According with the confirmed information received the road from Chilca to Capto is severely affected in many sections by the mudslides and river floods. Both are still happening

Video update 23Mar2017

Due the HAO implies the deployment of significant amounts of material and human resources: donations, volunteers, 4x4 vehicles, trucks, etc., it is absolutely mandatory to make sure the operations will be carried out under 100% secure conditions for the successful results of the HAO proposed.

Thus to avoid any unexpected situation or inconvenience an exploration and assesment trip will be carried out in the road between Chilca and Capto.

Update 23Mar2017
The field information obtained from the assesment trip has been loaded in this page in the corresponding items: road condition, traffic, road safety, map, GPS track etc

The route will be traced by GPS incuding all relevant waypoints and landmarks.
Update 23Mar2017
The GPS track has been traced and added to the map shown in this page

Once the exploration gets completed we will be in condition to take the best decision for the correct HAO execution.
Update 23Mar2017
The assesment trip was completed

3. The transportation of the donations should be by trucks to the furthest place these vehicles are able to reach and access.
Update 23Mar2017
The trasnportation of the donation will start from the Aid Drop Off sites located in San Isidro and La Molina

4. The load capacity of the 4x4 trucks is limited and the amount of donations that can be moved on them across the mudslide terrain will depend of the number of 4x4 trucks available, chances to get a big number of 4x4 trucks are uncertain -the number is to be confirmed. 20 vehicles is the ideal number.

5. According with the proposed plan, the 4x4 trucks will carry the donations across the zones affected by the mudslides from the big transport trucks to reach the other side of the road in good condition, and from here in order to quickly move the aid goods toward the affected towns, the local people can transport the goods in their own vehicles or the vehicles of the local communities or the ones provided by the local authorities, while the 4x4 trucks return to repeat the muslide zone crossing as many times as possible, provided the weather conditions are favourable.
Update 23Mar2017
After a keen analysis of the local situation the 4x4 trucks will delivery the aid supplies loaded from the Aid Drop Off sites in San Isidro and La Molina

Confirmed info source: 
UPDATE: 20Mar2017
Sr. German Solis -Major of Santo Domingo de los Olleros.
Info update  20Mar 2017 10:00am

UPDATE: 29Mar2017
Financial support is needed to complete in full this Humanitarian Aid Operation.
If you want  to donate please contact us to provide you the money transfer instructions.

Volunteers with 4x4 trucks for donations transport to the towns in Chilca valley
Calamines for roofs
Plastic to cover roofs
Goods for personal cleaning
Toilet paper
Feminine towels
Water is Not needed. They have water springs and dwells for water supply

Update 23Mar2017
Bottled water is needed
The water coming out from the springs and dwells is not clean, is turbid.

UPDATE: 21Mar2017
San Borja
Calle Pietro Torrigiano N° 176 San Borja (behind block 6th of Guardia Civil Ave.)

San Isidro:
Teniente Chabrier 182
Parallel to Coronel Portillo

Dos de Mayo Ave. N° 379 San Isidro, behind of the 3rd block of Javier Prado Oeste Ave.

Cerros de Camacho 896 Depto 102
Parallel to Circunvalación El Golf

La Molina:
El Herraje 275 Rinconada Baja La Molina.
by 2nd block of Calle 13

Los Nogales 567, two blocks from Plaza Vea market

UPDATE: 20Mar2017
If you are reading this report, please help us to make this happen. 
Your donation is highly needed and very much appreciated. Either aid supplies or cash.
Please spread the word
If you want to cooperate, Please contact us.

Unidad 4x4 de Ayuda
Information. Coordination. Contact

+51 990128105  cellular/whatsapp

Aníbal Paredes